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Other   Surnames

(wife of Andreas George Straus)
(wife of Andreas George Straus), Louisa  (  - 24 JAN 1886)  

(wife of Andreas Heckel)
(wife of Andreas Heckel), Johanna     

(wife of Henry Babler)
(wife of Henry Babler), Anna  (  - ABT 07 JAN 1894)   

(wife of John Eells)
(wife of John Eells), Mary     

(wife of Mathias Strauss)
(wife of Mathias Strauss), Katharina     

(wife of Raymond Earll)
(wife of Raymond Earll), Helen  ( 26 APR 1905 - 22 AUG 1976)  

(wife of Richard Warren)
(wife of Richard Warren), Elizabeth     

(wife of William Crowell)
(wife of William Crowell), Polly     

(wife of Zane Frank Edison)
(wife of Zane Frank Edison), Josie    

(wife of Zed Edison III)
(wife of Zed Edison III), Dottie    

(wife of Zoren Harry Edison)
(wife of Zoren Harry Edison), Gloria    

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