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The 1974 Preamble Express Story
In preparation for the Bicentennial journey of the American Freedom Train, a four-car
Preamble Express was dispatched to scout the route and court host city officials.

For five months in the summer and fall of 1974 the Preamble Express made calls in all 48 contiguous states. Dozens of display sites were evaluated and hundreds of local officials and law enforcement were informed of the requirements to host America's largest Bicentennial event.

In December 1974, President Ford inaugurated the American Freedom Train
from the rear platform of the Preamble Express.

The 4-Car Preamble Express scouted the route of The American Freedom Train, providing a venue to meet with local community leaders about preparing for the AFT's visit. The meetings were held in Car 4, which was set up as a classroom, and equipped with an audio and video system. The Preamble staff presented the exhibit and display plans for the AFT, and showed the 16 MM film 'All Aboard America' projected on a screen at the rear end of the car. The film features the song entitled All Aboard America, Here Comes The Freedom Train by Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton. Each guest received an AFT Press Kit with promotional material about the AFT, and a 45 RPM copy of the Wagoner/Parton recording. After the meeting wrapped up, everyone adjourned to Car 2, the dining car. Here, a full-course hot dinner prepared by a former NYC chef in the Power Car kitchen was served to the guests. At first, dinner meetings with the local Bicentennial committees were held at each stop. Starting in Denver, the meetings were held over breakfast though the rest of the trip.
The 1974 Preamble Express consisted of the following cars;
listed in the typical sequence they were in the consist.

Additional information about the American Freedom Train –
both the 1947-1949 and 1975-176 versions (including the 1974 Preamble Express)
can be found on this website:
Preamble Express Passenger Set (2022080)
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Complete train:
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