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My family history consists primarily of the following surnames (SOUNDEX code in parenthesis):
• CONNERS (C562)
• CROWELL (C640)
• EELLS or possible spelling: ELLS (E420)
• GAGE or possible spelling: GUAGE (G200)
• SCHEY (S000)
• STARKER (S362)
• STRAUS or possible spelling: STRAUSS (S362)
• WRIGHT (W623)
• YELK (Y420)

Don't know what a SOUNDEX code is? Rather than reiterate many good explanations, click on this link to access an excellent explanation from the National Archives.

Here's a 'pop-up' chart of soundex codes for the names in my family history: Soundex Chart Page

Sometimes knowing your ethnic background helps in determining locations where your ancestors may have resided. This page contains a pie chart showing my background.

There are many programs available to convert a GEDCOM (Genealogical Data Communication) file into web pages.
Below are links to the results of using various programs to convert my GEDCOM to web pages.

GenHTree (website no longer online):

Some of this program's features:

Surname Index: Lists all the surnames of a particular letter of the alphabet on a separate page and provides their first names along with their birth dates and a link to each individual's pedigree chart.

Surnames: List all the surnames in the files and how many there are.

Frequent Surnames: Listing by frequency showing the number of times a surname appears in the files.

Name/Age Stats: Shows: Average Male Marriage Age
Average Female Marriage Age
Average Male Adult Lifespan
Average Female Adult Lifespan
Most Frequent Male First Names
Most Frequent Male Middle Names
Most Frequent Female First Names
Most Frequent Female Middle Names

Time/Density Maps: One of the "bells and whistles" features showing, for each state, country, or region, the earliest birth date and the density (high, medium, or low) of the number of individuals born in a particular state, country, or region.

Following time/density maps are included: Australia     Canada     England     Europe     USA

NOTE: On some computers/web browsers, the time/density maps may not display correctly; however, the data is correctly displayed!

Ged2Web (website:

While the above program provides "Time/Density Maps", this program features ancestoral (pedigree) and descendent charts.

Unfortunately the inferface is somewhat quirky, you can browse around and see various ancestoral (pedigree) and descendent charts.

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