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Once I find a good program for creating family history web pages, you will be able to access those pages from this main family history page.

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My family history consists primarily of the following surnames (SOUNDEX code in parenthesis):
• CONNERS (C562)
• CROWELL (C640)
• EELLS or possible spelling: ELLS (E420)
• GAGE or possible spelling: GUAGE (G200)
• SCHEY (S000)
• STARKER (S362)
• STRAUS or possible spelling: STRAUSS (S362)
• WRIGHT (W623)
• YELK (Y420)

Don't know what a SOUNDEX code is? Rather than reiterate many good explanations, click on this link to access an excellent explanation from the National Archives.

Here's a 'pop-up' chart of soundex codes for the names in my family history: Soundex Chart Page

Sometimes knowing your ethnic background helps in determining locations where your ancestors may have resided. This page contains a pie chart showing my background.

Family History Files: (In development!

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This page last updated: June 12, 2022

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