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On dealer's back lot - awaiting prep!
On dealer's back lot - awaiting prep!
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Page Contents: Equipment (RPO codes in parenthesis):
2007 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4X4 (JKJS72)
Exterior Color: Bright Silver Metallic Clear Coat (6F2/PS2)
Interior Color: Dark Slate Gray/Medium Slate Gray (-DD)
Interior: Premium Cloth Low-Back Bucket Seats (*E5)
Engine: 3.8L V6 SMPI (EGT)
Transmission: 4-speed Automatic Transmission (DGV)

Standard Equipment (unless replaced by optional equipment):
Functional / Safety Features:
Advanced Multi-Stage Air Bags
Occupant Classification System
Electronic Stability Program
4-Wheel Disc Anti-Lock Brakes
Traction Control
Electronic Roll Mitigation
4:1 Rock-Trac® Part-time 4WD System
Next Generation Dana 44 Heavy Duty Front Axle
Next Generation Dana 44 Heavy Duty Rear Axle
Tru-Lok® Electronic Locking Frt/Rr Differentials
4.10 Axle Ratio (DMF)
Transfer Case Skid Plate Shield
Fuel Tank Skid Plate Shield
Speed Control
Sentry Key® Theft Deterrent System (GXX)
Electronic Front Sway Bar Disconnect
2 Front Tow Hooks and 1 Rear Tow Hook (XEW)
Variable Intermittent Windshield Wipers
600-Ampre Maintenance-Free Battery
4740 lb GVWR with 1,000 lb payload
Standard Equipment (unless replaced by optional equipment):
Interior Features:
Air Conditioning (HAA)
Glove Box
Reclining Front Seats
Height-Adjustable Driver's Seat
Rear Fold and Tumble Seat (CFM)
YES Essentials® Stain/Odor Resistant Seat Fabric
AM/FM Stereo Radio w/In-Dash CD Plyr/MP3 Capability (RC9)
368W 7-Spkr Infinity® Sound Sys Includes Subwoofer
Premium Instrument Cluster with Tachometer
Temperature and Compass Gauge
Tilt Steering Column
Sport Bar with Full Padding
Full Metal Doors with Roll-up Windows
Auxiliary 12-Volt Power Outlet
Rear Compartment Covered Storage (CUR)
Cargo Tie Down Loops (CKT)
Mirror - Day/Night Rear View (GNA)
Exterior Features:
Easy Folding Soft Top (VJX)
Black Rock Rails
Fog Lamps (LNJ)
Halogen Headlamps
Swing-Away Mirrors (GTV)
17" x 8" Machined Cast Aluminum Wheels (WF4)
32" BFGoodrich Mud Terrain Tires (TT7)
Full-Size Spare Tire (TBB and WKB)
Antenna (RDD)
Tire Carrier - Outside (TBR)
Bumper - Front Painted (MBA)
Bumper - Rear Black (MB5)
Protective Coating and Remover (XPF)

Optional Equipment:
Customer Preferred Package 24R
Trailer Tow Group (AHT):
Class II Receiver Hitch
Delete Rear Tow Hook
Trailer Tow with 4-Pin Connector Wiring
Supplemental Front Seat Side Air Bags (CJ1)
4-Speed Automatic Transmission (DGV)
Automatic Transmission Skid Plate
Half Metal Doors With Locks (GCH)
Plastic Front Door Window
Black Soft Top (VJX)

Build Sheet: A build sheet tells the factory which items to install as part of the finished vehicle. Click on this link to see the build sheet (opens a small window).

In the summer of 2006 I responded to an e-mail on one of the local 4x4 message boards about an individual that had just arrived in the area with a Rubicon and was looking for information on where to trail ride. I contacted him and found out he had a Rubicon! We met and he showed me how capable a Rubicon is!

Sidenote: I have been off-roading since 1970 when I started in Alaska. I have always known about the Rubicon Trail in California and when Jeep came out with a Rubicon, in 2003, I figured that was a very capable rig!

After checking out his Rubicon, we went out to the local ORV Area (600 acres of anything an off-roader would want! (More information about the 7 Mile ORV Area here). He further demonstrated it's capability. At that time I had a Toyota Tacoma PreRunner that was not a 4x4, but it did have a locker in the rear. I purchased the PreRunner in 1999 while still in Alabama. There were no 4x4 areas in Montgomery, so at that time did not figure I'd need a 4x4. Little did I know at that time I would be in Washington state in 2004! Now that I'm here, I've been thinking about getting another 4x4. So along this guy comes with his Rubicon. I decided that would be the vehicle I would get. Why? Because it comes stock from the factory with lockers both front and rear!

So after many months of my normal researching a vehicle, I decided in January 2007 I'd go ahead and purchase a Rubicon! Unfortunately the configuration I wanted, the half metal doors, was not available until the end of January 2007! After discussing everything with the dealer (options, accessories, and so forth), and waiting until near the end of January 2007, I ordered it! Now the waiting began!!!!!

Being the computer person I am, I starting visiting the various Jeep, and more specifically Rubicon, online forums. I found out you can track the progress of any DaimlerChrysler vehicle by calling a particular phone number. So once my order was in their system, I began tracking it:

Date Code Definition
Jan 27 BA Order entered into system
Feb 1 BG Passed edit N/A for schedule
Feb 5 BX Passed edit available for schedule
Feb 7 D Firm schedule - dealer has allocation and all parts available
Feb 9 D1 Gateline schedule - scheduled to be built
Feb 16 F Paint
Feb 19 KZL Released - not shipped
Feb 20 KZM First rail departure

OK, so now it's out of DailmerChrysler's control and on a railcar somewhere! The question is "Where is it and when will it arrive"? Again, searching the various forums, I found out that once it reaches KZM status, the dealer is provided a railcar number. So now I have the railcar number, but where do I go to search for the railcar location and estimated time of arrival (ETA)? Given the security now after 9/11, I wondered if such information is publicly available.

Lo and behold -- it is, that is if your railcar belongs to Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR)! Again, searching the web I did find the UPRR web site and entered the railcar number. So what did I find? Check this out:

  685470 37111208724523342753182P TA *Arrived 0 343138000 AIR LINE JUNCTION AIRLINJUN OH 0
  2007 02 19 18 40 00 0 L 0 0 0 NS H9 872452334 2753182 ETI ETA Industry 0 Not Visible City
  Not Visible City Not Visible State Not Visible 0 2007 03 07 10 01 00 -2 L 1 711 0 CU
  872452334 2753182
Sure looks like a lot of gibberish. However, upon closer inspection, you will find (see underlined text above):

Arrived Air Line Junction OH 2007 02 19 18 40 L
ETA 2007 03 07 10 01 L

So now you know the railcar's last reported status (Arrived Air Line Junction OH 2007-02-19 1840L; which translates to Feb 19 at 6:40 PM local time). And the ETA somewhere(!) is Mar 7, 2007 at 10:01 AM (again local time). Note that railroads use the 24-hour clock and generally any times specified are local time, i.e., the time at the specified location.

Armed with that knowledge, and by constantly checking, here's the railroad schedule I came up with:

Status Location Date Time ETA Date Time
Arrived Air Line Junction OH 2007-02-19 1840L ETA 2007-03-07 1001L
Arrived Gibson IN 2007 02-21 0147L ETA 2007-03-07 1001L
Departed North Platte NE 2007 02-25 0930L ETA 2007-02-28 1001L
  North Platte NE is home to Bailey Yard, the world largest railyard (website) (satellite view)
Arrived Cheyenne WY 2007 02-25 2142L ETA 2007 02-28 1001L
Departed Rawlins WY 2007 02-26 0823L ETA 2007 03-02 1001L
Departed Green River WY 2007 02-26 1446L ETA 2007 03-02 1001L
Departed Nampa ID 2007 02-27 0933L ETA 2007 03-02 1001L
Departed La Grande OR 2007 02-27 1819L ETA 2007 03-02 1001L
Arrived Hinkle OR 2007 02-28 0046L ETA 2007 03-02 1001L
  Hinkle OR is home to another large railyard. From what I saw on Google Earth, this appears to be a switching point for trains running east-west to those running north-south.
Departed Hinkle OR 2007 02-28 1908L ETA 2007 03-02 1001L
Departed Wallula WA 2007 02-28 2222L ETA 2007 03-02 1001L
Arrived Spokane WA 2007 03 01 0538L ETA 2007 03-02 1001L

So Mar 1 it's sitting in the UPRR railyard in Spokane. How soon to get it to the dealer? Will I be able to pick it up before they close on Saturday? Yes!!!! They prep it and on Saturday around 2 PM I get the call! Go to the dealership and have it in my possession by 6 PM!

Photos (click image for larger view):

On dealer's back lot - awaiting prep!
On dealer's back lot - awaiting prep!
It's Mine! It's Mine!
It's mine! It's mine!
Left Front Exterior
Left front exterior
Right Front Exterior
Right front exterior
Left Rear Exterior
Left rear exterior
Right Rear Exterior
Right rear exterior
Front Exterior
Front exterior
Rear Exterior
Rear exterior
Left Front Interior
Left front interior
Right Front Interior
Right front interior
Driver Side Half Door
Driver side half door
Passenger Side Half Door
Passenger side half door
Driver Side Front Interior
Driver side front interior
Passenger Side Front Interior
Passenger side front interior
Driver Side Half Door Open
Driver side half door open
Passenger Side Half Door Open
Passenger side half door open
Driver Side Half Door Open Top Edge
Driver side half door open
top edge
Passenger Side Half Door Open Top Edge
Passenger side half door open
top edge
Rear Seat From Left Side
Rear seat from left side
Rear Seat From Right Side
Rear seat from right side
Rear Tail Gate Open
Rear tail gate open
Rear Seat Upright
Rear seat upright
Rear Seat Folded
Rear seat folded
Rear Seat Tumbled
Rear seat tumbled
Engine from right side
Engine from right side
Engine from front
Engine from front
Engine from left side
Engine from left side
Finally got a chance to take the doors off! The process was not that hard:
1. Remove Torx T50 nut from bottom of each door hinge (not needed when doors are on!)
2. Unhook the door strap which contains a wire!
3. The hard part: Disconnect wire (see picture below for connector)
Driver Side Door Off
View of driver's side
Passenger Side Door Off
View of passenger side
Driver Side Door Off Interior View
View of driver's side interior
Passenger Side Door Off Interior View
View of passenger side interior
Doors Off
Doors off!
Door Wire Disconnect
Door Wire Disconnect
(click image to see numbered steps)
How to disconnect wire:
1. Press red tab to right side of connector (right image above shows tab already pressed to right side)
2. While pressing down on the connector, pull towards the floorboard! (click right image above for details!)
Finally got a chance to take ALL the windows out!
Windows Out - Left Front
Windows Out! Left Front
Windows Out - Right Front
Windows Out! Right Front
Windows Out - Left Rear
Windows Out! Left Rear
Windows Out - Right Rear
Windows Out! Right Rear
And finally got a chance to take the top down!
Here's the steps I use (ignore the difficult instructions in your Owner's Manual; steps are pictured below):
  1. Open Velcro on rear of one side window
  2. Open Velcro on top of one side window
  3. Unzip one side window
  4. Disconnect zipper on one side window
  5. Pull down on one side window to release plastic piece on bottom of window
    Repeat above steps for other side window
  6. Unzip rear window starting on the right side, going across the top and start down the left side
  7. Grab the plastic bar on bottom of rear window - rotate it toward the front of vehicle to release the tension on rear window
  8. Pull both rear window zippers all the way down the left side
  9. Remove zippers from left side of the rear window - both zippers will stay attached to rear window!
  10. Insert finger under plastic strip over each door and gently pull downward
  11. Loosen both latches but to not unhook!
  12. Place both rear corners on top of top
  13. Unhook front latches; the top will being to rise towards the back of the vehicle!
  14. Allow top to slowly settle down on the back of the vehicle
  15. Be sure to "zig-zag" plastic pieces (as shown); this will help reduce the height of the "stack"
  16. Continue lowering top
  17. Top should be approximately this low when all the way down; notice how the plastic pieces fit well when they are "zig-zagged"
    At this point, your top is lowered!

    (Optional) The following 3 steps show how to remove the plastic pieces surrounding the top of the doors.
  18. Remove by turning the two large screws on the top of each side roll bar
  19. Pull outward to remove plastic pieces
  20. You can fold the plastic pieces so they take up less storage space
Top down - Step 1
Step 1
Top down - Step 2
Step 2
Top down - Step 3
Step 3
Top down - Step 4
Step 4
Top down - Step 5
Step 5
Top down - Step 6
Step 6
Top down - Step 7
Step 7
Top down - Step 8
Step 8
Top down - Step 9
Step 9
Top down - Step 10
Step 10
Top down - Step 11
Step 11
Top down - Step 12
Step 12
Top down - Step 13
Step 13
Top down - Step 14
Step 14
Top down - Step 15
Step 15
Top down - Step 16
Step 16
Top down - Step 17
Step 17
Top down - Step 18
Step 18
Top down - Step 19
Step 19
Top down - Step 20
Step 20

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